Behavioral Scorecards Can Help Banks Tailor its Lending Strategy

The financial regulatory structure of any nation includes ‘banks’ at the core of this framework. This implies that the proper functioning of these entities is a must in case the liquidity of system has to be kept under control. Though a majority of this responsibility rests on the shoulders of policy makers but these organizations on their own can also opt for constructing a check on their operations, specifically related to lending to customers with less than ideal credit worthiness. In such cases behavioral scorecards can come to rescue of banks by providing them with a basis for understanding their customers and predict the chances of an account turning bad.


The managerial staff can effectively ensure that all the occurrences are in their knowledge by putting down the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to come up with a useful behavioral scorecard for specific accounts. The selection of metrics however, has to be given its due importance by examining the processes with an ‘eye of detail’. Accomplishing this job accurately will help in weeding out the unnecessary parameters that would have otherwise only hindered the performance rather than adding to it.

Though some aspects can be taken as being common to the banking industry but the desire to ‘customize the scorecard’ has to be there right from the inception of idea to its ultimate achievement. One can use a tool like a Balanced Scorecard Designer to develop customized behavioral scorecards in quick time.


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